Volunteer opportunity: KC IABC VP of Membership

Make a difference, connect with peers and build your career serving with KC IABC.

The following KC IABC Board position is open:

Vice President, Membership

Role Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Oversee the activities and responsibilities of the membership team (recruitment & retention, educational relations)

  • Promote the designated international membership months (typically March & October)

  • Determine the chapter membership months, communicate selected months with international and promote

  • Continue to clarify the membership proposition and weave into promotions

  • Promote membership and volunteer opportunities at IABC meetings and in communications

    • Create monthly social media messages promoting membership, taking personas into account

    • Use IABC materials to showcase the resources available to members

  • Develop a membership packet or flyer explaining the benefits of membership at a local and international level, taking personas into account

  • Coordinate a yearly member appreciation event

  • Conduct a membership survey at least every 2-3 years

  • Work with the Educational Relations Director, VP of Finance/Treasurer, Director of the Quills on a plan for the Student Scholarship

  • Support entire board in recruitment efforts to fill committee and volunteer needs

  • Actively participate in one-hour executive committee conference call to help make decisions regarding the direction of the board and chapter

  • Participate in 2-hour monthly board meeting to update the board on membership activities and membership numbers for each month


  • Resume and soft skill enhancement – team coordination, project management skills, leadership development, management experience

  • Association management and event planning experience

  • Opportunity to attend Leadership Institute, a conference for IABC chapter, regional and international leaders, with professional and board development sessions, and networking; travel expenses covered by KC/IABC

  • Develop connections with other communicators and chapters all over the world

  • Personal growth and achievement

  • Access to various levels of experienced communicators and potential job openings

  • Time Commitment: High involvement and moderate time commitment. Assists 2 other members (Student relations

Contact Amanda Fisher-Penner, president: amandafpenner@gmail.com