Business Communicators Summit 2017 was a huge success!

KCIABC_BCS_Logo_SmallMore than 100 communicators from across the metro area and Topeka gathered on Feb. 16 at KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park for the KC IABC 2017 Business Communicators Summit.



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Wesch.mugshot21Michael Wesch, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University, entertained the audience as he enlightened us about the power of communications to transform our lives. 

We Shape Our Tools and Our Tools Shape Us

A tweet or snap here, a yak there… and a new way of relating to others emerges, and along with it, new types of conversation and collaboration. Using examples from anthropological fieldwork in New Guinea, YouTube and university classrooms, Professor Wesch offered a fascinating look at the often-unnoticed but profound ways in which media mediate our culture and transform the way brands and companies need to consider how they relate to their clients and consumers.


We brought together some of Kansas City’s most seasoned professionals to share their sound career advice and expertise on solving today’s most difficult business and communication challenges.

  • Mike Goff, Founder and Principal, Goff + Marketing
  • Melissa Hendricks, Vice President of Marketing, Cerner
  • Mike Swenson, President, Crossroads – Real. Communication
  • Bradford Warner, Vide President, Agspring


We featured a great lineup from a diverse group of presenters across industries and specialties. Take a look at the topics and descriptions below. We know there is something for you!

Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing, Barkley

Data-driven marketing

Marketers have fallen (back) in love with data. We wanted MORE DATA … and we got it. But has it made us better marketers? Marketers average using 6-8 data sources across their marketing campaigns. Yet marketers still say reporting ROI is one of their biggest challenges. You’ve got data, but do you have the data you need to achieve your email marketing goals? Jessica shared how to make data from a variety of sources useful in your email campaigns by making it work together.

Suzanne Gunning, Vice President of Community Engagement, Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas; and Justin Watkins, Creative Strategist, NATIVE Digital

Good Goes Further with Goodwill

Goodwill is one of the most recognizable brands and has a long history in KC. But few people know Goodwill’s mission. And what does Goodwill do with all that stuff? To get the word out, the brand needed to be redefined. Find out how Goodwill re-positioned their brand locally and started to educate the public on their mission and commitment to sustainability.


Kathryn Lorenzen, CBC, Senior Recruiter, Career Coach, LandaJob Marketing & Creative Talent

Stay Out of the Basement: Get Employed Fast and Avoid Moving Back Home! 

Yes, it’s intimidating to know that you’re competing with so many other emerging graduates for available jobs. BUT, here’s the great news – lots of employers are looking for solid entry-level employees and they’re having a hard time finding YOU! We’ll talk about some really practical strategies for getting your job search geared up, so that you can get hired quickly and avoid moving back to your parents’ house!

Jolean Olson, Director of Development, Scenic Road

Get Real: Use Video Storytelling to Connect to Your Authentic Message

Storytelling is the latest buzz word in content marketing and communications, but how do you find and tell the best story for your company, project or new campaign? Jolean Olson, Director of Development for Scenic Road, shared methods that any creative (or not so creative) professional can use to move past writer’s block to deeper engagement with your audience, including tips and tricks from the school of journalism, tapping into common themes, and harnessing emotion and authenticity.


Angie Pastorek, Ph.D., Department of Communication Studies, KU Edwards Campus

Engaging Complexity: Communicating With Your Company’s Co-Cultures

Organizations today are increasingly diverse in structure and membership – including multiple locations, various professions, and cultural and age diversity. Yet, we often still communicate through traditional structures of hierarchy and department, assuming that a standard set of messages, if carefully planned, will both reach and resonate with all of these employees. This presentation helped us identify and design communications for the thriving co-cultures across organizations.