Small Talk is Huge

Small Talk is Huge

11:30 14 December in KC IABC Blog, Professional Development

By Roy Harryman – KC IABC Board Member, Programming


In any relationship, whether business or personal, things start small.

You don’t go from a chance meeting at a Chamber lunch to a job offer as the dessert is being passed.

Instead, things often begin with a type of dialogue we refer to as “small talk.”

The name unfortunately implies this talk is unimportant. In fact, more “important” talk is impossible without this precursor.

Let’s dissect an imaginary but realistic example.

  • Location: Business lunch
  • Seating arrangements: Round table
  • Familiarity: You don’t know anyone
  • Your name: Newb
  • Sitting next to you: Regular

Now, we can view this situation with terror or optimism. As something to endure or an opportunity.

Read more about why small talk is important and how to handle it with ease on Roy’s company website.

Marjie Goodman
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