Do you have tough communications questions? Ask the experts at the August 20 KC/IABC breakfast and panel.

09:18 14 August in KC IABC Blog, News and events

Do you ever feel like you’re alone in your job and don’t have anyone to turn to with tough communications questions? Or, maybe you have a rock star team, but have an issue you just can’t crack? As communicators, we’re often called when crisis hits, or when numbers or morale are low. It’s great when leadership comes to us to fix something. But who do you...

Quills celebration recognizes communications stars

18:00 21 June in featured-event, KC IABC Blog, News and events, Quill news

Join us on the red carpet as we recognize the stars in our industry. The Kansas City Quills will take place 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, July 16 at the Alamo Drafthouse. You’ll rub elbows with the stars themselves, celebrate with colleagues, and hear about award-winning communications work being done in our town. We are thrilled to have many quality entries this year! So, from technical skills to communications...

Blogging for Business: Bridging the gap internally

09:53 29 May in featured-event, KC IABC Blog, News and events

For many organizations, the marketing and communications department can partner with HR to help break through internal barriers to experiment with different digital communications tools. Before content marketing and thought leadership, many businesses started using social media as a recruitment tool. Why not do the same with blogging? Join us June 18 as our speaker, Anna Lewis, Digital Content Specialist in the Global Marketing and Communications...

To Quill or not to Quill?

20:21 06 April in KC IABC Blog, News and events, Quill news

By Jenifer Bice – Walmart, Global Associate Communications Note: If you don't have time or don’t really want to read this, here's the abstract: Just do it. It's good to help train your brain or those of your people – and external validation that we actually know what we're doing is never a bad thing! The day came. You got the first “Call for Entries” of the...

May Tech Talks: Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

20:10 06 April in KC IABC Blog, News and events

Join us for the May Tech Talks! Christa Cooper, of Executive Career Strategies, will facilitate a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, May 6 about using social media to grow your personal brand. The event is free for members of KC/IABC, $10 for nonmembers; bring your own coffee and questions as we build on the personal branding discussion from the January IABC luncheon. What online tools have helped you,...

May Monthly Breakfast: Just Shoot Me – Bring Your Message Into Focus

22:23 30 March in featured-event, KC IABC Blog, News and events

If you don’t know how to do something, chances are you can find help with a quick YouTube search. Videos are easily accessible and help viewers comprehend complex topics—an important tool for communicators! A recent survey by Wainhouse Research indicates four out of five enterprises say video use improves productivity and efficiencies in their organizations, and 73% want to expand video use. Depending on your mission and...

IndyComm | Writing for Readability: Boost the Power of Your Prose

22:12 24 March in KC IABC Blog, News and events

Regardless of the emphasis of your work, words are crucial to any marketing or public relations message. This month’s IndyComm meeting will provide an opportunity to regroup and refresh your commitment to creating copy your audiences can—and will— read. Have you gotten rusty? Moving so fast you fear you may be forgetting the fundamentals? Take a deep breath, slow down and get back to the basics....