Hustle and flow with Joyce Layman

Hustle and flow with Joyce Layman

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Joyce LaymanJoyce Layman is a hustler, and I mean that with mad respect.’s definition of hustler is “an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.”

This definition describes Joyce to a T. In addition to being a “go-getter,” Joyce even has groupies. Case in point: a few of our IndyComm attendees proudly declared during our initial networking time how much they admire Joyce’s business acumen and success. In fact, she was the reason they attended our bimonthly meeting.

During our lunch, it became evident Joyce is the queen of capitalizing on her connections. She’s even written a book called Your Connecting Advantage, and it’s her second one.

Yet Joyce is not only the queen of connecting; she’s the queen of communicating with her connections.Your Connecting Advantage

She shared how she stands out as an independent business woman via original content she develops, such as her podcast In Layman’s Terms and designing images for social media. She said both channels allow her to connect with many influential people because they provide value to her connections.

Attendees of the IndyComm lunch expressed a renewed sense of inspiration on how to strengthen their own personal, business brand thanks to Joyce’s anecdotes and experienced ideas on how to better connect their business goals and strategies. Three also walked away with one of Joyce’s books.

Lessons learned from Joyce.

  1. Network in your zone
  • Determine if you’re an introvert, extrovert or in between and how to network with those qualities in mind. You can read more about this in her latest book.
  • Connecting is not just about attending events. You’re constantly connecting with others.
  • Use social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect, maybe even with champions of business.
  • Your LinkedIn profile should tell a story about what you do and who you are.
  • Ask and connect from the mindset of value. For instance, Joyce asked NY Times best-selling business author Dan Pink if she could include some of his content in her book, showing she could provide value to him through her podcast and her own book. Of course he said YES.
  • Instead of networking, think of it as connecting.


  1. Take action
  • Be engaging versus selling.
  • Be clear about who you want to connect with and why.
  • Utilize social to connect to those you may not see on the street.
  • Test content in small doses on social networks. See what resonates and expand into bigger pieces of content, like a blog post or white paper.

Joyce Layman
is the author of two books and is a Tedx Talks speaker. Additionally, she has an interview-style, business podcast called In Layman’s Terms that I plan to listen to during my next drive.

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– Marjie Goodman

KC IABC member
Content & Collaboration Strategist with DEG

Marjie Goodman
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