Eight Reasons Why Print Still Matters in a Digital World

14:39 10 October in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog

By Byron Ginsburg, KC IABC IndyComm Co-Organizer   KC IABC’s special interest groups IndyComm and Masters were recently invited to NextPage for a timely refresher on the role and impacts of paper in a digital-centric communications world. Attendees were treated to lunch, a copy of co-sponsor Mohawk Paper’s impressive "A Maker's Field Guide to Texture and Color," and a tour of NextPage's ever-expanding print and manufacturing capabilities. Highlighting the presentation...

Hustle and flow with Joyce Layman

08:09 04 August in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog, News and events

Joyce Layman is a hustler, and I mean that with mad respect.’s definition of hustler is “an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.” This definition describes Joyce to a T. In addition to being a “go-getter,” Joyce even has groupies. Case in point: a few of our IndyComm attendees proudly declared during our initial networking time how much they admire Joyce’s business acumen and success. In fact,...

Startland News: Indy Comm members learn insights about KC entrepreneurship

18:54 25 May in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog

It’s no secret that Kansas City is gaining traction as a hotbed for technology startups and entrepreneurship in general. Startland News, a digital publication, is not only giving a voice to startup businesses, but offers a platform for individuals, corporations and organizations that support entrepreneurship to be heard and to spread the news about innovation in the metro area. Bobby Burch, Editor-in-Chief of Startland News, itself...

IndyComm sets May 16 program about Startland News

09:37 26 April in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog, News and events

Start-up businesses can be a great hunting ground for independent communicators looking for new clients. IndyComm, a special interest group of KC IABC, offers a chance to meet with Bobby Burch, editor-in-chief at Startland News, an online publication and KC's home for innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Register now for the bring-your-own-lunch event: Tuesday, May 16, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Edison Spaces located on College Boulevard...

Boost your site’s SEO ranking with rock solid content

15:15 03 April in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog

By Elaine Symanski KC IABC Webmaster If you think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about having the right keywords on your web pages, think more broadly. “Think things, not strings,” advises Jeremy Sterling, SEO manager for DEG, a full-service digital agency based in Overland Park, KS. Jeremy and colleague Meghan Nuckolls, DEG copywriter, talked about the present and future of SEO at a lunch meeting of IndyComm. Smarter...

Transform your print or online work from weak to wow!

14:16 08 February in featured-event, IndyComm, KC IABC Blog, News and events

By Elaine Symanski KC IABC Webmaster To get noticed in today’s crowded marketplace, your message cannot be boring. The “special sauce” that makes it stand out from other messages is good use of clean, graphic design, says Chad Wagner. Two approaches to make your proposal, marketing materials or website stand out are to hire a good graphic designer or design it yourself, employing tested and true design tricks. Wagner,...

IndyComm meeting Sept. 27: Get smart about electronic devices

09:26 27 August in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog, News and events

We rely on our computers, tablets and smart phones all day long, yet we seldom give much thought to how to improve the performance and security of these vital tools. On Sept. 27, Burton Kelso, chief technology expert at Integral, a Kansas City computer repair and tech support service, will guide us in how to do just that. Integral’s services include virus and spy ware removal,...

IndyComm: Read to Succeed

08:08 04 May in featured-event, IndyComm, KC IABC Blog

Study any successful person and you’ll probably find they all share a passion for reading. It’s one of the best ways to stay on top of trends, spark your creativity, grow your understanding of complex problems and get inspired. For the May 24 IndyComm meeting, let’s collectively challenge ourselves. Pick up, borrow or download a business book. If you’re really pressed for time, then read an industry article...

Unleashing the Power of Social Media for Employee Communications

16:45 31 March in IndyComm, KC IABC Blog, News and events

By Elaine Symanski KC IABC Director of Digital Marketing The growing move toward social or 2.0 employee intranets is more than a fad fueled by employee habits outside of the workplace. [caption id="attachment_13188" align="alignleft" width="172"] Marjie Goodman has years of experience with employee social media communications. [/caption] Increasingly, companies find it’s making solid business sense to enable and encourage management and employees to use social media to communicate at...

How to hear ‘yes’ more often

09:29 28 January in featured-event, IndyComm, KC IABC Blog

Improving your persuasive power is the key to hearing that magic word – yes! – Eric Morgenstern, APR, CEO of Morningstar Communications, said at a lunch meeting of the KC IABC Independent Communicators Forum. Here are six tips from Eric on how to get to “yes” more often when pitching for new business: Macro/Micro – Present each idea using big picture terms, then provide one specific example, then tie it...