Floyd Walker Incredible Award recipients

The Floyd Walker Incredible Award is presented to KC/IABC members whose work for the chapter has gone above and beyond. In 2002, the award was renamed to honor the late Floyd Walker for his sustained contributions to the chapter. The award recognizes members whose service and commitment are “too extraordinary to believe.”

2016 Winner
Elaine Symanski, owner of ESymanski Communications

Elaine Symanski is in her second year of serving as director of digital marketing (webmaster) for the KC IABC board. A longtime chapter member and volunteer, Elaine previously served three terms on the board in various roles. She is also active in the Masters and IndyComm special interest groups sponsored by KC IABC. Elaine is owner of ESymanski Communications, serving as a communications writer/editor/contractor for corporations and nonprofits. Elaine is a steadfast supporter of KC IABC and is always ready and willing to assist. We appreciate Elaine’s commitment to KC IABC and are grateful for her many contributions.

2015 Winner
Julie Bartels Smith, President of JBSmith Communications Inc.

Julie Bartels Smith, an active member of KC/IABC for 30 years, consistently goes above and beyond what could ever be expected. She is a staunch supporter of KC/IABC, serving as the Masters special interest group coordinator for several years.  In 2014 she agreed to help the board with a special assessment project that turned into a much larger undertaking, as she agreed to manage the 2014 Quills Award Program when the board was unable to secure this board director position. A former Lowell Award winner, Julie also managed that program until just recently. Smart, organized and tenacious, she is an outstanding resource to the chapter.

2014 Winner
Anna Lewis,
Digital Content Specialist
Anna Lewis, has been working in the KC communications field for about five years, and she’s been heavily involved as a volunteer for IABC the entire time. She is emerging as a true leader on the board, as evidenced by her high energy level and her resilience in adapting to challenges. When we lost two key board members recently, Anna stepped in to chair our membership team and also found replacements for two other positions. She will do nearly anything for IABC: from hunting down emails to personally contacting members, building presentations and setting up for events. She is tenacious, capable and flexible leader with a continuous cheerful disposition in the midst of a constantly changing environment. In a word, she’s incredible!

2013 Winner
Chris Lakin, Marketing Strategy Specialist
Not only a board member of KC/IABC, Chris is also on the board or volunteers for many other communications groups in Kansas City. He is truly an ambassador for this city and our industry. On our board, he is a steadying force – the definition of calm, cool and collected. He is often at the front-lines of solving issues for us, and you can always count on him raising his hand to volunteer to help. He also does an amazing job for us coordinating a major sponsorship for this chapter that brings us much needed services and saves our member’s dues for things like investment in our professional development. Not only that, our Incredible volunteer is also the most gracious, unassuming, hardworking person that we know.


The Floyd Walker Incredible Award recipients:

  • 2015 – Julie Bartels Smith
  • 2014 – Anna Lewis
  • 2013 – Chris Lakin
  • 2012 – Paul Arnhold
  • 2011 – Roy Harryman
  • 2010 – Donna Schwartze
  • 2009 – Justin Goldsborough
  • 2008 – Melanie Deardorff
  • 2007 – Kim Romary
  • 2006 – Justin Scott
  • 2005 – Mike McLaughlin
  • 2004 – Holly Jenks
  • 2003 – Scott Loewen
  • 2002 – Michelle Moore
  • 2001 – Gary Lofstrom/Cathy Chatfield-Taylor
  • 1999 – Jeff Xouris
  • 1998 – 1997 D5 Conference Volunteers
  • 1997 – Randy Williams, ABC
  • 1996 – Julie Mierau
  • 1995 – Anne Baber, ABC
  • 1994 – Richard Barger, ABC, APR
  • 1993 – Larry Pfautsch
  • 1992 – Chris Watkins
  • 1991 – Sharon Churchman
  • 1990 – Eileen Jenkins
  • 1989 – Karen Miller Montalto
  • 1988 – Melinda Moss
  • 1986 – Marian Thomas, ABC
  • 1985 – Steve Doyal
  • 1984 – Margaret McCormick
  • 1983 – Anne Baber, ABC
  • 1982 – Terry Parks
  • 1981 – David Seifert, ABC
  • 1980 – Chris Bott